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PLEASE NOTE:  The Property is shown by appointment only with Alex Long. The Property is "Posted - NO TRESPASSING".  Anyone found on the Property without permission will be prosecuted for criminal trespassing.

   view from center of property, towards Airport

   view from back of property along CSX rail

view from southern boundary, towards center

  view from southern boundary, towards west

  view of road frontage


view of main line of CSX and spur going to the General Motors Plant

  view of long rail frontage; at left, the north/south lines and the line at right is the gang track.  Ability to have a spur must be confirmed by CSX rail.


  view of "stream" on the property after a heavy rain.


At left, aerial photo from Spotsylvania County Economic Development.

This shows about 175 acres; the 205 acres less and except about 30 acres, which is the farmland to the right.

Photo is circa 2000.