Data Center Site


City of Fredericksburg, Virginia

Data Center Site

21 acres with a development envelope of about 10 acres

Great for a 'discrete' site; R&D with access to Washington DC market and points south and east; and/or COOP functions.

As noted, below, substation with dual separate feeds (230kv and 115kv) is about a mile from Subject; Subject has both 115kv line directly on site and the corridor (Dominion Power) to accommodate redundancy feeds.

Note Subject is located with 1,000 feet of Mary Washington, which is a Regional Acute Care Hospital of 412 beds and has large utility and telecommunication feeds and redundancy. 

A sub-station is located to the east of the Hospital.


Within corporate limits of City of Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401; Near 3219 Fall Hill Avenue; street address are not assigned to large acreage parcels until site plan approval.

  •     Located between Washington, D.C. and Richmond, VA. (50 miles);
  •     Regional jet-port airport is about 15 minutes to the north;
  •     Access to Amtrack, VRE commuter rail at downtown Fredericksburg;
  •     About 45 minutes to Dahlgren, Naval Weapons Laboratory;
  •     Within 5 minutes of at least seven hotels and about 3 million square feet of commercial;
  •     Within 5 minutes of historic downtown and downtown hotel.


Below, satellite image; red star marks site.  Large complex to the south is Mary Washington Hospital and office complex; to the east, University of Mary Washington.  West of I-95 is the Central Park commercial area of about 2M+ sq. ft. and then the Celebrate Virginia complex of hotels, convention center, etc.


  •     Although well situated near many amenities, Subject is bounded by an historic estate, which is under a conservation easement and several other tracts protected from development; about 80+ acres of open space;
  •     Subject is bounded by an old canal and the Rappahannock River, but is well out of the 100 or even 500 occurance floodplains.
  •     Subject configuration is such that the development envelope is mostly hidden.


21 Acres, total; conservatively, development envelope of about 10 acres.  Subject is accessible but has low visibility.


Although located within the corporate limits of the City, the neighborhood of the Subject tract is dominated by open space (Fall Hill Mansion tract and several other tracts under conservation easements; about 80 acres). 

Mary Washington Hospital is a 410 bed hospital and acute care center, about 2,500 feet down the canal path from Subject.  The hospital has both electric and fiber redundancy.

Subject has some frontage on the Rappahannock River and canal.  The development envelope is well out of any floodplain occurrence.



A portion Subject fronts upon the City Canal, which might be a feature to use for cooling: The canal is about 2 miles in length, and will be filled with water; aeration systems (permits necessary) could be used to dissipate heat from the canal water, after transfer from heat exchangers from the data center.  Subject also fronts upon the Rappahannock River.

City public water existing at 8" line; possible to loop lines from other sources; a 12" water line is about a half mile away.

The canal is about two miles in length and is contiguous to Subject. 

A concrete pipe, 36 inches in diameter is at the bottom of the canal for about one mile in length and was used to transport water from the Rappahannock River to the City water treatment plant.  That water treatment plant was closed.  The concrete pipe MIGHT (subject to approvals) be available for use as a conduit for piping for a geo-thermal component of cooling for a data center.  

1.        How much water is in the canal?  The amount varies depending on how much water is coming in from the related watershed.  Approximately 9.5 million gallons


2.   When will the canal be filled?  The canal is currently full to capacity.  Under normal circumstances, the canal will remain at its current full capacity.   Bridge inspections, canal gate inspections, and other maintenance related work may require the canal to be drained on occasions (partially or fully).   The new canal pump station on the Rappahannock River (behind old VEPCO plant) is now on-line and able to supply water to the canal during dry periods.  Stormwater flow normally keeps the canal at full capacity.


3.  Who, at the Corps, is the contact for aerating the canal.  The canal belongs to the City. The Public Works Department is responsible for the aeration system, as well as the canal water level. 

Dave King; Assistant Director of Public Works; City of Fredericksburg, VA; 715 Princess Anne Street;  P.O. Box 7447;  Fredericksburg, VA  22404-7447

Office:  (540) 372-1023;   Fax:  (540) 372-1158    email:

Use of wastewater for cooling data centers and then heat applied to other uses.

The Cooling Channel is brought to you by: Opengate Data Systems

  • IBM Unveils New Water Cooling Technique

    July 1st, 2009 : Rich Miller
    A close-up of the IBM Aquasar server blade shows the piping and processor enclosures supporting the water-cooling system.

    A close-up of the IBM Aquasar server blade shows the piping and processor enclosures supporting the water-cooling system.

    IBM and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH) have unveiled plans for a new water-cooled supercomputer that will reuse excess heat in the university’s buildings. The new Aquasar system is expected to decrease the carbon footprint of the system by up to 85 percent.

    • The system is the result of a collaboration between ETH and IBM scientists on chip-level water-cooling and energy reuse. The supercomputer will consist of two IBM BladeCenter servers in one rack and will have a peak performance of about 10 Teraflops. Each of the blades will be equipped with a high-performance liquid cooler on each processor, as well as input and output pipeline networks and connections, which allow each blade to be connected and disconnected easily to the entire system (see photo above).

      Chip-level cooling with a water temperature of about 60 degrees C (140 degrees F) will keep the chip at operating temperature well below the maximum 85 degrees C (185 degrees). The high input temperature of the coolant results in an even higher-grade heat as an output, which in this case will be about 65 degrees C.

      The pipelines from the individual blades link to the larger network of the server rack, which in turn are connected to the main water transportation network. The water-cooled supercomputer will require about 10 liters of water for cooling, and a pump ensures a flow rate of roughly 30 liters per minute.

      The entire cooling system is a closed circuit: the cooling water is heated constantly by the chips and consequently cooled to the required temperature as it passes through a passive heat exchanger, thus delivering the removed heat directly to the heating system of the university in this experimental phase. This eliminates the need for energy-hungry chillers.

      “This project is a significant step towards energy-aware, emission-free computing and data centers,” explains Dr. Bruno Michel, Manager Advanced Thermal Packaging at IBM’s Zurich Research Laboratory. “If we capture and transport the waste heat from the active components in a computer system as efficiently as possible, we can reuse it as a resource, thus saving energy and lowering carbon emissions.”

      Aquasar will be used by the Computational Science and Engineering Lab of the Computer Science Department at ETH Zurich, for multiscale flow simulations for its research in nanotechnology and fluid dynamics.

      This diagram explains how Aquasar will work. Click the image for a larger version.



      Source:     (retrieved 02 July 2009)




Above, double click for U.S.G.S. quad map (Fredericksburg, 1:24,000; 1994)

Please NOTE:  the Subject tract and the land contiguous to it are NOT parkland of the U.S. government; the U.S.G.S. made a mistake on this map. 


High tension electric lines on site; access to established electric easements    between two sub-stations; this is the same easement corridor servicing the 410 bed hospital. Contact for information on electric infrastructure:  Dominion Resources:  Mr. Bob Jones; 540.752.2018


No detailed schematics of fiber infrastructure are available to the general public.  The City of Fredericksburg is like the hub of a wheel, with spokes coming out from the hub.  This Subject tract is near the center of that hub.  Verizon employee Dave Russell at 540.368-8176 can be helpful.



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